Demachi Futaba in Kyoto to add on Enjoy Mame Daifuku - comparison charts


Demachi Futaba in Kyoto to add on Mame Daifuku – Wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets

和菓子 豆大福

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Find your favorite! お気に入りを見つけてね!

I had a chance to visit Kyoto last month.  It was a beautiful day!  Kyoto – the center of Japanese culture.  No matter how many times of the visits, it is great.

京都に行ってきました。なんていいお天気!京都 – 日本文化の中心。何度訪れてもいいですね。

On this trip the Demachi-Yanagi Station of Keihan Line was the start.  The station is underground.  As soon as getting out onto the ground, we could enjoy crossing the two bridges over Takano River and Kamo River.  As keep walking toward Kyoto Gosho the Imperial Palace, I found so many people on the shopping street.  They were waiting in a line turned around many times since it was very long.


As I walked by I learned that it was Demachi Futaba Wagashi Japanese traditional confectionery.  In the show case, many kind of Wagashi Japanese traditional sweets were displayed, such as  Man-Jue sweetedn Adzuki bean rice cake, Dango sweeten soft rice ball, Mame-Mochi rice cake with beans, Oseki-Han cooked Mochi rice with beans…


Everything was very attractive.  I wished line were not this long…  then I left.


We enjoyed sight seeing so much at the Gosho the Imperial Palace and the Nijo-Jo Castle.



Good time passed so quickly.  Then I had to leave Kyoto.


At the JR Kyoto Station  when I was about to be done the last minutes shopping for Kyoto Products and food and drink for the ride of Shinkansen Bullet Train, I found a notice on the shopping counter.  It was about Mame-Mochi (it was Mame-Daifuku) produced by Demachi Futaba was available here limited only in Sunday evening.  Yeah?  That Demachi Futaba? Really? The Wagashi Confectionery with the long line?  It took me two moments to accept the information and asked the seller there.  Yes.  It was that Mame-Daifuku.  It was the only product available here, and three of them were already packed.  The only available was what I wanted so bad.  How lucky I found and purchased it!




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Mame Daifuku – Wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets

和菓子 豆大福

comparison chart judged by 3   比較表 

Find your favorite! お気に入りを見つけてね!



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