bkf = Jaja-Men noodle, cocoa powder covered cheese..


bkf = Jaja-Men noodle, cocoa powder covered cheese, boiled egg, yogurt topped with mixed nuts and dried mango

Jaja-Men noodle is one of the Morioka’s (Iwate Prefecture, Northern part of Japan) regional food.  It is served cold topped with vegetables and Miso paste meat sauce.  The noodle is very elastic and smooth.  It reminds me Inaniwa Udon which is also regional food somewhere in Northern part of Japan.

Morioka is somehow famous of its noodle such as Soba and  Reimen as well.

I found and bought this product at the “Cheer up Tohoku Market”, which was held for two days for selling the regional products, mostly food.  The  purpose sure is supporting the region which was damaged by tsunami and huge earthquake in March 2011.


This is my first time to try Jaja-Men.  I like it so much.

You can visit the HP of the  manufacture clicking here.



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