bkf = miso flavored mackerel, rice with 16 grains..

bkf = miso flavored mackerel, rice with 16 grains, miso soup, wakame seaweed with marinated onion and a tangerine

16 grains = what are they?

It is already in a small pack (30 g) for one use. It is very convenient to make cooked rice healthier by adding to white rice. But not so many people can say all the 16 kinds, and I sure not. I checked out the ingredients. Here it is.

1. 【もちあわ】 foxtail millet
2. 【発芽玄米】 sprouted brown rice
3. 【もちきび】 glutinous millet
4. 【大麦】 barley
5. 【黒米】 black rice
6. 【黒大豆】 black soybean
7. 【アマランサス】 Amaranthus
8. 【たかきび】 Indian millet
9. 【とうもろこし】 corn
10. 【ひえ】 sawa millet
11. 【ホワイトソルガム】 white sorghum
12. 【はだか麦】 rye
13. 【キアヌ】 Keanu
14. 【小豆】 adzuki bean
15. 【黒ゴマ】 black sesame
16. 【ハト麦】 adlay

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts
Serving for 30 g
calories3.8 g
total fat 1.9 g
total carbohydrate 18.6 g
dietary fiber 1.7 g

I cooked with white 2 cups of white rice. It amounts to 4 – 5 rice bowls.

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