bkf = rice, grilled Sun dried smelts..

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bkf = rice, grilled Sun dried smelt, rolled egg, tomato Yacón potato salad, Daikon radish miso soup, fresh la France pear with Cointreau soaked raisin
It is not more than a year ago that I first saw, cooked and ate Yakon potato. It is originally from Inca, as it sounds.
The first time I heard and saw Yakon potato was when I traveled in Ibaragi prefecture in Japan. At the kiosk in the train station, they had local products lines. I picked up Yacon potato dried noodle and cooked it few weeks later at my home. I of course did not have any idea how it tastes or what kind of texture the Yakon potato has from the noodle.
Few month later, I found the vegetable of Yacon at the shop around here. It was from Ibaragi. Then finally I found out what it is like.
Yakon potato looks like pale sweet potato. After peeld and sliced, it
looks like radish, but taste very sweet. I mean very sweet. Sweeter than sweet potato, actually.
Now health conscious people are paying attention to this veggie.
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