MATCHA at NOON with Sawa-Mochi rice cake and Hoshi-Imo dried sweet potato

MATCHA at NOON with Sawa-Mochi rice cake and dried sweet potato on Ai Wave Cotton Placemat
Sawa-Mochi rice cake is manufactured at Ise city in Mie Prefecture in Japan, where the Ise Shrine is located.
Otaue Matsuri Festival is heald on June 24th every year in Izawano Miya which is Gegu in the Shrine. The highlight is that men struggle to win to get a bamboo in muddy rice field. This is a part of praying for a bountiful harvest.
This Sawa-Mochi is inspired from the bamboo, which is a symbol of the festival. At the area they are served after rice planting and also for hosting guests.
Hoshi-Imo dried sweet potato is very popular in Japan. Slices of sweet potato are steamed and then hung and dried. They are all natural vegetable, so you can bet it is very healthy. Before you serve, you could toast them for a even better texture.
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