New Year Celebration Dishes 2016 – preparation

New Year is one of the biggest celebration in Japan.


DSC07911d900Celebration for beginning the new year comes from many aspects of Japanese cultural elements such as religion, philosophy, living style, social system and more. People throw away the old us and transfer into the coming new year feeling a great refreshment, reset and and huge hope that this new year is going to great in all the way, anyway or whatever way.
Japanese New Year is a collection of auspiciousness. People collect any point, aspect and condition of any staff relative to luck, happiness, wealth and so on. For example, crane and turtle are treated as one of the most popular celebrative symbol because of their longevity.

Group of pine, bamboo and plum is as the same. They sometimes are used individually, too. The interpretation of them are established in daily life too much to stop to think why they are stated as a happy symbol… sorry, I can not tell the reason. (I only believe that one reason for pine is that it keeps green throughout year. Yes, same as holly for Christmas, isn’t it?)  These three trees could also show grade. Pine is the highest, then bamboo and plum the third. If you want to make it sure,  visit Sushi restaurant. They usually have menu of course or dishes named by pine (matsu), bamboo (take), plum (ume). In some case they are combined and show as the happiest symbol as Sho (pine) Chiku (bamboo) Bai (plum).


DSC07868Number 8 is a lucky number here. In Japanese, eight is 八. The shape is widening toward end, so is believed to growing or more possibility in the future.
People treat this kinds as divine and sacred matter in a very serious way, but sometimes it also is playful.
Now, as you can see, Japanese people would love to be surrounded by good luck stuff during new year days.  The new year celebration dishes are representation of the collection of good-luck stuffs.

They are originally dishes get along with celebration Sake rice wine.


Preparing Jubako stacked up box dishes are originated from Imperial event in Heian Era (the 8th to 11th century). During new years days,which is considered as the first three days, people welcome god to their residence. They prepare the dishes in advance to avoid to bustle in the kitchen.

Yes, so, the one of the significant key of celebration dishes are being preservative for three days in room temperature.


For this new year’s celebration -2016, I had planned in very detail on shopping and cooking, and it went very well.  So I try to keep the record to help myself on the next occasion .  Then many day has passed…  I know it is not in a good time to publish new year things now. It is like Halloween in bright summer.  Still I want to leave the record.


Here is my “To Buy List ” and “Time Table”.




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