swimsuits model Asian fitness shooting tips

Tips for photo shooting in swimsuits

Tips for photo shooting in swimsuits for the first time

swimsuits model Asian fitness shooting tips
swimsuits model Asian front fitness shooting tips



Yesterday I did photo shooting at the studio at Omotesando Tokyo Japan.  This is my second time for shooting by the photographer whom one of my friend introduced to me and made an appointment.
Since I had no idea for posing last time (I was in a dress, not swimsuits ), I searched on web and collected the poses I like.  I was going to do after them. I also made a music mix that we can listen to during the shooting.
We started shooting with what I prepared, but no no..  Not a good shot..
Finally, photographer changed music and gave me directions.  Also changed background from white to gray.  Good.  Turned out all right.

  • What I wore
    swimsuits I bought 14 years ago
    wedge sole sandal I bought at amazon.com
    body lotion all over my body
    professional stylist did my make up and hair

Tips for taking a good shot

  • Music
    Get ready for music you like so it will help you fell relax and comfortable.
  • Swimsuits
    Wear what you actually have worn  before.  If you want to wear new one, wear many times at home before shooting.
  • Sandal
    I recommend high heel.  If you choose your skin color’s pair, that look part of your top of feet and  stretch your legs.
  • Friend
    If you can, invite somebody at the studio.  You can feel relax and have a good facial expression.
  • Pose
    Prepare many poses in your mind.  You can practice in front of mirror at home.
  • Alcohol drink
    Do not drink alcohol drink few days before.  It helps you keep from swelling.
  • Communication
    Talk with your photographer, Tell the photographer what you want.  Ask questions what you do not know.
  • Enjoy
    It should be fun!

What I made and used is below.  Hope these help you.


How shooting was going at the studio

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