Lake Biwa

To Lake Biwa

To Lake Biwa

~the largest lake in Japan

Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan, located in Shiga prefecture which is next to Kyoto. It receives water from the surrounding mountains, then let out through Kansai area including Kyoto and Osaka as the Yodo River. It has been hydrated and enriched the area. We may say that it is the source of development of Kansai culture, furthermore Japanese culture.
Every time I visit there, I recognize the area belongs to Kyoto culture. I consider it is in Shiga prefecture, but actually, it is Kyoto’s neighbor.
People have lived with the fresh watered lake produce such as many kind of fish, shrimp, shell and so on. So they are always struggling to keep the water clean. They must be one of the most and the first eco friendly conscious people around the world.


This is “Biwako no ebisenbei”, rice cracker made with shrimp out of Lake Biwa. Sold as local produce at the shops around the lake. You can visit the manufacture’s HP clicking here.

Travel Guide Shiga Prefecture Japan – go biwako ~ You can visit the HP clicking here. Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean language guides are available.

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