Ume plum sour drink for coming summer heat

Ume plum sour drink

What a nice day! Sunny cozy days we are enjoying these days. Actually, it is one of the best season in Japan regarding climate.
All of us know that severe hot, humid, bugs around and exhausting summer is coming. As enjoy the days before, it is time for prepare “getting over summer drink” – Ume plum sour drink.  It is citrus acid rich which let you recover from being exhausted.
Ume Shu plum liquor is much more popular in here. It is great, but it makes us too relax…also limited for adults.
So let’s get rid of alcohol now. Once you make Ume plum sour drink, you can store room temperature, which means anywhere, and for years. It is pretty strong, so you can pour spoonful sour over cold tea or cold water. Cold sparkling water goes the best with it!
– a bag of fresh Aoume  plum-  on this picture it is about 2 lbs.
– vinegar
– honey



  1. With a toothpick, take out the calyx, the hard part of the plums.
  2. Wash plums out with water.
  3. Wash plums out with liquor.
  4. Put the plums in a purified container.
  5. Pour honey as much as you like, and vinegar until all plums are soaked.
  6. Store them and wait 2 weeks or longer.


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