Hikes near Tokyo Japan with No Car: 5 – Mt. Otakatori in town of Ume plum in Saitama

Day Hikes from city of Tokyo using public transportation: Walking in Woods 5

Great Day Hikes from city of Tokyo using public transportation

Mt. Otakatori in town of Ume plum in Saitama


Route Map PDF otakatorimap

GUIDE MAP PDF  guidemapogoseP20-21_web

にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 関東ブログ 秩父情報へ
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Day hike up to the top of Mt. Otakatori from Ogose Station plus spa is great for weekend.  It takes 1 – 1.5 hours from central Tokyo Shibuya, Shinjuku or Ikebukuro.  This route ends up to the same place – Ogose Station of Tobu Ogose Line or Ogose Station of JR Hachiko Line.  You can go to spa of Yu Park Ogose and take a shuttle bus to the station.  Actually, I did.  I skipped the walk after spa.

I took the route of the yellow dots north.  After going around the town, I walked up to the Mt. Otakatori and finished at the spa.  You can shorten the course by taking the red dots route if you want to.

One of my favorite part of hiking is sound of birds.  It makes me feel very special since I live in city.  Here at Mt. Otakatori, many kinds of birds singing was very enjoyable.

Ogose is a town of ume  plum.  You can see many plum trees in the town.  They have ume plum garden where many people visit at the time of bloom.  Many ume plum products are on sale all year around.


This is Umerin symbole character of the town.

Route Distance:  9.5 km
About 4.5 hours walk
Highest point : 376 m
Lowest point : 70 m
Difference in elevation:  306 m

Mt. Otakatori MAP

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