Love My Body – workout journal 010

workout journal 010


Selfie, I started.  That is what I had avoided as much as I could.  It is so hard to catch myself in a frame of picture.  Even I could, it never come out nice or I expected.

This time I started shooting my body or body parts.  It helps me to know my physical condition besides values of body composition stepping on a measurement tool.   Yes, getting more visual aspects.  Also more fun!

Now I use timer and a tiny round remote controller.  That combination makes it easier and possible to shoot the pause that takes time to prepare.   After setting the timer for 10 seconds, just push the remote controller and wait till the shot.

Since I shoot me at home, there is no set for lighting or background.  So I needed to choosing some spots to shoot where enough light is available and background is plain.

All management should be done by myself.



AVERAGE 6/17/2020 – 6/29/2020


Muscle Mass : 86.8 lb 39.4kg

Fat Rate : 14.6%



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