Love My Body – workout journal 020

workout journal 020

by myself

On the previous post, I mentioned about selfie.  It is a work all by myself.  After that I was thinking about what I am doing over all – posting my selfie after working out.  It really is all done by myself, I realized.  Shooting myself, organizing photos, posting on a blog, physical training, cooking for meals for muscle mass gain, shopping for food..  Perhaps this is one of the best things to do under this covid-19 circumstance.  No mingle and keep social distance.




Female, 5’6″

post muscle mass


muscle mass


fat rate


020 06/30/2020-07/07/2020 87.5 39.7 14.1
010 06/17/2020-06/29/2021 86.8 39.4 14.6


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