bkf = mashed potato Sakura-Ebi dried shrimp sandwiches…


bkf = mashed potato Sakura-Ebi dried shrimp sandwiches, oatmeal pumpkin soup, yogurt topped with coffee Chia seed and fresh cherry

Here is the nutrition information of each menu and total amount of this breakfast.
Click the chart to see larger images.


This is calculated using the folloing tools and data.
http://www.nutritionvalue.org/nutritioncalculator.php https://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/foods

Adding about nutrition facts


I have enjoyed posting picture of breakfast more than 3 years.  I have focused on how the food looks good on the table in the picture, and have provided menu.  Recently I have been conscious of nutrition value for maintaining my health condition.  So today I started working on adding about nutrition facts on my post.  I wondered how..

First I tried to look around the other bloggers’ post, but surprisingly not so many people includes nutritious value data, although instructions of how to cook is easily found.

I found some HP providing nutrition calculator.






These are very useful.


We can calculate nutritious value by dishes, not only each ingredients.

Only the fact I regret using them is that I can share my recipe and nutrition information to those who has account and signed in.


So I tried to download the data from USAD data base on each ingredients of the meal and summed them up, but it is too much work, I found out.



After all I collected information on excel sheet and show a chart.  This still needs a lot of work though.  If you have a good idea, please give me the instruction.



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